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Retired USAF C/HC/MC-130E/H/P/N Flight Engineer, Retired DoDDS ET, Clark's Cemetery staff writer, webmaster, Japanese Knotweed chopper, headstone cleaner, and resetter, barnacle scraper at Essex Shipbuilding Museum.

Wetlands Buffer Zone

Today I met with Bill Manuell of Wetlands & Land Management (978) 777-0004 to determine the extent of the wetlands buffer zone in the cemetery.  The buffer zone just barely crosses over the property line.  I’m very appreciative of him … Continue reading

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What’s In Your Mailbox?

The morning after the Awesome Gloucester micro-grant presentation one of the presenters found this document in her mail box. Click on the images to view them full size.

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Third Time Was Not the Charm.

Last night the Gloucester Cemetery Advisory Committee tried for the third time to get an Awesome Gloucester Micro-Grant.  Sadly, Clark’s Cemetery did not receive the grant.  This just means the presentation needs to be modified to better entice the foundation’s … Continue reading

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Busy Days

Last few days have been busy.  We leveled the base for Sydney Woodbury.  Now I need to find someone with a tripod and a couple of straps to lift the monument in place.  I whacked a lot of Knotweed while … Continue reading

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Spotted our  first snake in the cemetery today.  I don’t know what kind it was, but he was relocated to First Parish. One of the monuments that I have wanted to repair since starting this project is Sydney Woodbury. The top … Continue reading

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Alexander M. Benson

Alexander was a mariner and died very young.  His baby daughter is buried next to him.  Little Mary C. died when she fell into a pan of boiling water.  Alex died two years later of a sudden hemorrhage of the … Continue reading

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Douglass Family

We have visited the Douglass family in the Mount Pleasant Cemetery in East Gloucester.  The lichens grow like crazy there.  We have worked on the main monument, and we also attended to several other individual tombstones. I will be adding … Continue reading

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Tompkins Family

With all the broken bottles around the Tompkins’ plot, their headstones were clearly one of the favorite targets for the purpose of breaking bottles and destroying their family’s ability to visit the grave and remember them.   ” order_by=”sortorder” order_direction=”ASC” returns=”included” … Continue reading

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Veterans Interred in Clark’s Cemetery

There is now a listing of Civil War and Spanish American War Veterans interred in Clark’s Cemetery.  It is listed on the main menu as “Veterans”.

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Work Continues in First Parish & Clark’s

Yesterday, City Council Member at Large, Jamie O’Hara and his landscaping crew were back in First Parish Burial Ground and Clark’s Cemetery for the second time this year.  Their first task was to rough cut the large overgrown area, so … Continue reading

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