Family & Veteran Markers

Back in the cemetery today.  As expected the Knotweed was returning after the recent rain.  I’ve decided to change my plan of attack.  Family first followed by veterans, then the remaining areas.  After clearing around all veteran makers I took a picture of them.

Veteran Tombstones Cleared (21): Richard Baker, Hezekiah Corliss (not in ground), George W. Lewis,  James Wilson,  Edwin Condon, John W. Clark, George H. Clark, Edward A. Rowe, Thomas Raymond,  Robert C. Collins, James Hicks, Richard J. Powers, James Clark, Cornelius Brooks, John Erickson, Joseph Green, George D. Allen, Walter H. Clark.

Veterans not listed on WPA Project Veteran List (2): Edward Staten, George Welch.

Unlocated Veterans (10): James Blatchford, Charles H. Brown, Benjamin Corning, James B. Firth, Alexander Grant, Edward Hodgkins, David Lufkin, James H McIntosh, Richard H. Perkins, James H. Place, Josiah W. Stevens.  These grave may be marked with non military markers.  To located them I’ll have to measure from know points to their avenue and key numbers.



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Retired USAF C/HC/MC-130E/H/P/N Flight Engineer, Retired DoDDS ET, Clark's Cemetery staff writer, webmaster, Japanese Knotweed chopper, headstone cleaner, and resetter, barnacle scraper at Essex Shipbuilding Museum.
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