Alexander M. Benson

Alexander was a mariner and died very young.  His baby daughter is buried next to him.  Little Mary C. died when she fell into a pan of boiling water.  Alex died two years later of a sudden hemorrhage of the lungs while fishing on the Schooner “Montrose” on George’s Bank.  His son John Alfred was born on June 4 1866 and died on February 9, 1895.  He died when the Schooner “Clara F. Friend” sank off the coast of Nova Scotia. John’s twin was Ann F.  Alexander Jr. was born on June 2, 1867.  Alexander Sr. was married to Bina Caroline Jacobs or Jacobson. Alex’s wife married Martin Bolin in Gloucester on November 3, 1870.  They were living in Gloucester in 1880.

Alexander’s tombstone was knocked over  by Japanese Knotweed.  The large root balls around the base were all connected with very large roots.  They were as hard a tree root and two inches in diameter.  I had to use an ax to remove them.  The base is level, but the monument is off kilter a bit either from being pushed over by the Knotweed or from a previous repair.  These projects are very rewarding.

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