Cemetery Present

This has been an interesting few days in the cemetery.  Hannah Tucker Adams is all wrapped up in a blue tarp.  It is kinda like looking at a Christmas present under the tree and waiting for the big day to see it.


Hannah is my fourth great grandmother.  She is the quintessential Gloucester woman.  She lost her husband Stephen in 1830 when he was lost aboard the schooner “Olive”.  Then 20 years later she lost her son Daniel on the schooner “William Wallace”.

She died after a brief illness, and smallpox as the cause of death is written on her tombstone.

She is what is known as a “brick wall” in genealogy.  Her birth is not recorded in Gloucester records, but it is likely that her parents were Daniel Tucker and Margaret Lurvey.  They were the right age and Hannah named a son Daniel and a daughter Margaret.

I knew about where she should be in First Parish, and with the help of Joshua Gerloff, I found her in the poison ivy and sticker vines.  I have a special affection for her and am so glad to have found her.

There has also been a new burial Jet Jr. a four year old Guinea Pig.

IMG_1113 IMG_1112

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