Falling Limbs

Today we visited Clark’s Cemetery to see what we needed to do tomorrow.  We were very happy with the work Councilor Jamie O’Hara and his crew did!

Looking like a cemetery. Thank you Jamie O’Hara

We found two limbs that had fallen very near headstones.  

Close call for two Civil War Veterans and Hannah Adams.

The city of Gloucester needs to get into Clark’s and prune all of the trees as soon as possible to prevent any further damage to monuments.  If you know anyone with family members or veterans that would like to stand with us at the city council meeting on August 8th, please contact me.  If you are there and are not comfortable with public speaking you can walk to the podium state your name and say “I agree with Mr. or Mrs Clark.”  The more people we get, the more attention all of the old cemeteries will get.

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