Fabulous Training in the Cemetery

A big thanks to the Gloucester Cemetery Advisory Committee for coordinating a two day training session in First Parish and Clark’s Cemetery.  People came from all over the country to learn how to clean and repair tombstones, reset leaning tablet stones and restack large multilevel monuments.

We had some outstanding teachers.  Jonathan Appell of Atlas Preservation, Jason Church of the National Center for Preservation Technology and Training, and Moss Rudley of the National Park Service Historic Preservation Training Center were all on hand to teach and help with the heavy lifting.

The inventor of D2 was on hand to discuss the correct usage of his amazing product.  Free samples were provided to the participants and D2 was provided for cleaning tombstones during the training.  Anyone familiar with tombstone cleaning can’t help but be in awe of this man and his product.

Nelson:  John Nelson 1836~1906. Susan J. Nelson 1827~1912

PEW: Dolliver Pew Sept 1 1855 age 66 years (1789), Susan S. wife May 12 1843 age 42 (1801), Olivia wife Jan 13 1878 age 66 (1812), Children of Dolliver Pew: Joseph A May 17 1837 age 7 months, Charles Fitz Sept 13 1848 age 1y 3m, George D May 22 1850 age 5

McIntosh: J. N. McIntosh Apr 10 1885 age 76 (1809), Maria H wife Dec 27 1880 age 67 (1813),  Nancy Cunningham May 20 1873, Sarah J. Wife of B. F. Corning July 4 1872 age 2?,  Charles son of Charles and Mary McIntosh June 18 1871  age 3

Hunt:  Miss Susan Kinsman Aug 2 1862 age 82 (1780), Ann Electa Hunt March 5 1855 age 28 (1827), Anna Kinsman 1775~1804 wife of N. Smith, Nathaniel Smith Capt.  1774~1829,  Fred’k E Hunt  April 20 1803 ~ 1841,  Susan E Hunt wife of Albert H. Breed Jan 11 1839 May 24 1918,  Mrs Eliza K Nov 22 1840 age 38 (1802),  Abbie S. Hunt Dec 4 1841 age 8 (1833)  

This information has been add or correct on Find A Grave.

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