If A Branch Falls

While well-maintained trees make for a beautiful setting, the same can not be said for unattended trees.  Falling branches can damage tombstones, and roots push up on headstones, sometimes knocking them over.  Clark’s Cemetery is not alone in its battle with trees.  Between the Japanese Knotweed and the encroaching forest, it was not long ago that Clark’s was not recognizable as a cemetery.  With the efforts of the Gloucester City Council and volunteers great improvements have been made.  There are still many trees that need to be removed from Clark’s and First Parish Burial Ground.  There is an ornamental cherry tree in Clark’s that has many volunteer saplings sprouting up in First Parish.  All of these need to be removed to prevent more damage.  Clark’s also has a large non-native maple tree, a species that is known for falling over.  Mr. Whittaker commented last year that he recommends it be taken down before it falls down. 

Tree split a tombstone.

Kathy spotted this downed limb in First Parish while she was lopping down Knotweed near the Douglass branch of the family.  We have done a See-Click-Fix to get it removed.

Came close to hitting several headstones.

Another branch about to fall.

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