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How things have been busy and exciting! The written reply to our oral presentation was nothing would be done due to the lack of funds. We got presentations ready for the next Gloucester City Council Meeting. While we were waiting for the meeting to start three council members and the Mayor approached us. There were several volunteer efforts being coordinated that had not been communicated to us. One of the most memorable comments was from Councilwoman Melissa Cox. She commented that they are not just cemeteries but connections to our heritage. Her comments hit me like the proverbial ton of bricks.

The day after the meeting Councilman James O’Hara contacted me offering his landscaping crew to start the restoration process of Clark Cemetery by clearing the Japanese Knotweed and unwanted trees.

Monday is going to be a great day! Mr. O’Hara’s crew will start about 7 AM, the head of the Gloucester Conservation Commission Mr. Ken Whittaker, Conservation Agent will be arriving about 9 AM to help us plan our Japanese Knotweed eradication program. Several members of the Burial Ground Restoration Alliance will be attending to help direct the landscaping crew.

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