Rich V Knotweed

Today was a test run for our new Ryobi 15 inch weed whacker.  The 40 volt Lithium battery gives it the power equal to a gas powered trimmer without the hassle of dealing with gas and oil.  Both the string trimmer and the brush cutter did an outstanding job on the Japanese Knotweed.  Based on the time I worked today and the battery strength indicator on the charge, we should get at least three hours out of a fully charged battery.  Which is good for me.  I think swinging a weed whacker is not what my doctor meant by chill, relax, and don’t over exert yourself.  With what I did today it will probably take about eight to ten hours a week to keep the Knotweed knocked down where the cemetery will be open and visible all summer. 

I cut a large path back to my uncle James Clark and his family.  It was late in the season last year before we found their graves.  Getting them cleaned up this year is one of our priorities.

Weed Whacker In Action Video


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