Spotted our  first snake in the cemetery today.  I don’t know what kind it was, but he was relocated to First Parish.

One of the monuments that I have wanted to repair since starting this project is Sydney Woodbury. The top of the monument was leaning on the base and its center section was on the ground.  I checked the base and it was 22 degrees off plumb, so it has to be leveled before it can be reassembled.  Working in the cemetery and connecting with our roots is great.  Except when that root is several inches in diameter and requires an ax to remove it. 

I will be back on Thursday to prep the ground to put base back in place level. The main part of the monument has metal rods which are supposed to attach it to the center piece.  These are bent and will have to be drilled out.  Lots of work still ahead.

Sydney was the son of Amos Woodbury and Harriet Herrick.  He was born on August 25, 1836 and died on the same day as the Battle of Antietam.  I have sent a letter to NARA asking if he died there.  His father, Amos is in Clark’s, but I haven’t seen his marker.  His mother is probably there, but I can’t verify that.  There is a broken stone nearby that says Harriet.  This doesn’t match any of the other Harriet’s in Clark, so it is probably hers.

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