Second Assault On The Japanese Knotweed

I was back in the cemetery today with a full frontal assault on the Japanese Knotweed.  Based on the growth since we returned it will take two to three days a week to keep it under control.  Mr. Whittaker has provided the Cemetery Advisory Committee with the procedures for removing the chopped down Knotweed from the cemetery. 


Battery Dead

The Gloucester Conservation Agent to established a protocol and will appreciate volunteer help when the time comes. Timeline – Mechanical control methods: Attempting to uproot the plant is not advised, as even small pieces of the rhizomes are capable of regeneration. The best method for mechanical control is to cut the plant to the ground every time it grows more than 1 – 2 feet high. When cutting the stalks, cut flush with the ground, leaving no protruding stumps. Then we double bag it and leave in the cemetery for DPW to pick-up so it doesn’t contaminate the Gloucester landfill. By the way there could be 3 cuttings per season. Sandy Barry Cemeteries Advisory Committee

May 9th is the next Gloucester City Council meeting and the Clarks will be there. 


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