Second Parish Burial Ground

I visited Second Parish (The Ancient Cemetery) today.  Started out warm and sunny, then the heavens opened and we had a steady rain.  It was a fun walk in the woods and interesting to walk an old cart path. 

One of the well preserved grave markers is that of Hannah Haskell who died October 26, 1814 at the age of 93.  Her father was the Reverend John White.  Her husband was Nathaniel, son of William Haskell IV (not the original settler).  He was born in Gloucester on January 16, 1719 and died on July 31, 1808.  He married Hannah on November 11, 1740 and had eleven children.  He was deacon of Second Parish for fifty years.

I did not find the grave marker of my ninth great grandfather, Deacon Joseph Haskell.  He was the second son of the immigrant, William Haskell, and is my farthest back ancestor with a known grave.  It was photographed in 2013, so I am hoping I just missed it, and it has not been taken.  He was born on June 2, 1646 and died November 12, 1727. He was a deacon of First Parish, and when Second Parish was formed, he was chosen as its deacon. He was also a selectman for several years.  He married Mary Graves of Andover on December 2, 1674 and had ten children.  His daughter Hannah was my eighth great grandmother.

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