Sorry About That, John.

I have been cleaning around Gideon and Abigail Lane lately and there is a small tombstone behind them.  It looked like a child’s monument, so I put a little action figure I found next to it.  I decided to look into this little guy’s life and was quite surprised.  This is what I found in Ancestry.

John E. Hoyt was born in Danvers on April 1, 1850 to Oliver Hoyt and Ellen F. Lane, the daughter of Gideon and Abigail. His dad was a peddler.  John listed his occupation as a fisherman in 1870, but in subsequent years he worked as a laborer and a painter.  He never married and lived with his widowed mother in later years.  His brother, William Oliver Hoyt was a hairdresser in Gloucester.

John died on January 21, 1892 – a full-grown man.  The cause of death was pneumonia following la grippe.

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