Thank You For Your Service George H. Clark

“Thank you for your service.” This phrase has become the new “Have a nice day.”  As a veteran I hear it often, especially when I am wearing my Retired Air Force shirts or hats or presenting my ID card.  I think America is trying to atone for their shameful treatment of the Vietnam era vets.  I get that and I appreciate the sentiment.  I also appreciate the 10% discount at Home Depot and Lowe’s.

But seriously, what I really want costs a bit more.  I want a decent final resting place for our deceased veterans.  I want medical and financial assistance for those who need it.  There is a need for temporary housing for those, who when asked, served their country, but now need some assistance. We can’t hand out “Thank you for your service” cards to sick and/or homeless vets.  It is time to end the grip and grin followed with lip service.

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Retired USAF C/HC/MC-130E/H/P/N Flight Engineer, Retired DoDDS ET, Clark's Cemetery staff writer, webmaster, Japanese Knotweed chopper, headstone cleaner, and resetter, barnacle scraper at Essex Shipbuilding Museum.
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