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When we started this endeavor I approached the City Council with the statement “Don’t tell me what you are, show me what you are.” One councilman stepped up and showed what he is – a generous, hardworking guy.  Councilman at Large, James “Jamie” O’Hara brought an O’Hara Industrial Services crew, and all the equipment needed to do major cemetery grounds restoration.  It is this kind of support Clark’s Cemetery needed to make some major progress.  The most important aspect that needed to be addressed was getting the party area around Grants’ tomb visible to reduce the amount of non-cemetery activity that goes on back there.

IMG_0713 4.01.51 PM

While putting a big dent in the cemetery’s excessive vegetation was a really good feeling, seeing so many damaged tombstones was truly heartbreaking as the tall overgrowth was being removed.

IMG_0669 IMG_0670

When you see Councilmen O’Hara please let him know that you appreciate his effort in restoring Clark’s Cemetery to a respectful cemetery.


O’Hara Industrial Services Herculean efforts changed the views of both cemeteries. There has also been a small group of volunteers that work to correct what the City of Gloucester has neglected for decades.  There is still a massive amount work to be completed.

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