Who is the mourning woman

Who is the mourning woman seen in Clark’s Cemetery?  She seems to be mostly interested in the Grant tomb, but was seen in various parts of the cemetery at dusk last night.  Two sisters shared some incredible sorrow.  Could it be one of them?  Margaret Grant Brown Simpson was the daughter of Alexander and Catherine Grant. She was born in 1844 in New Brunswick and married John Brown on June 6, 1861.  After his death she married Edward Simpson on October 12, 1893.  She died in Gloucester on March 13, 1921.  Her poor child was Nellie Brown. She was born in 1861 and died in Gloucester on October 27, 1862.  The death record is difficult to read, but it appears that she died from burns and hemorrhage and that she suffered for three weeks.  Nellie was a nickname.  Her real name was Mary L. Brown.

Margaret’s sister Mary also lost her husband and child. Mary A. Grant Low was born in 1834 in Cape Breton, Nova Scotia and married Benjamin Low on April 2, 1860.  She died in Rockport on December 29, 1907 and left her estate to her sister, Margaret Simpson. Her husband Benjamin Low was lost at sea and her little boy, Thomas Sweet Low, died of brain disease when he was six years old.

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