Who’s Buried in Grant’s Tomb?

Maybe you have heard that old riddle.  I think people need to know the answer.  The graves of the Grant Family are the most desecrated I have ever encountered.  Real people are buried there.  I sincerely apologize to those dear souls for the behavior of certain citizens of Gloucester.


Alexander Grant was born in Scotland in 1806, the son of Charles and Jessie Grant.  He was a carpenter and immigrated to Nova Scotia where his children were born. He was living in Gloucester by 1855 and died on July 27, 1893.  He married Catherine Carmichael who was also born in Scotland in 1806.  Her parents were Archibald and Isabel.  She was the mother of a large family and died in 1880. Both are buried in party zone.


Mary Ann was born in 1834.  (More on her later) Buried in party zone.

Catherine was born in 1839.

Alexander Jr. ”Lexie” was born in 1840.

Margaret was born in 1844 and married Edward Simpson.  Buried in party zone.

Elizabeth “Bessie” was born in 1847 and never married.  Buried in party zone.

John A. was born in 1850 and was a carpenter like his father.

The final family member to mourn is Alexander’s daughter, Mary Ann.  She married Benjamin Low, the son of Stephen and Sarah Low, on April 2, 1860.

Her little boy, Thomas Sweet Low was born the following year.  Then tragedy struck.  Benjamin was lost at sea in March of 1864 on the schooner “R E Spofford”.  On September 17, 1867 little Thomas died of a brain disease.  She died on December 29, 1907 and left her estate to her sister, Margaret Simpson.


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