Investigating Broken Grave Markers

Today, (9/5/2017) we investigated some of the broken grave markers to see if they were fixable.  We cleaned up around the stones and tried to piece them together.  Unfortunately at this time, there are too many missing pieces.  I say, “at this time” because there are chunks of marble laying around all over the cemetery.  Every now and then we spy a piece that fits somewhere. 

Nathaniel and Judith Sargent have a legible stone, but are missing bottom pieces. 

Henry Plummer is barely legible and the three big pieces have weathered so much that they won’t go together any more.

Alexander McKenzie, a recent find,  is in many pieces. 

We will leave them on the black fabric for now, hoping to find pieces, but the long term solution needs to be investigated.  Do they weather better laying flat or propped up vertically?  Some people recommend burying the pieces, but that seems kind of rude.  We just freed them from all that brush.

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