Plot 102 Aiken Children

How we found them

This is how we found them July 2016. One was completely taken apart. Both were very dirty. They were put back together without setting compound. One base was way out of plum. A few weeks ago the Cemetery Restoration Partnership leveled. July 19th I was able to get back to them and do a permeant installation of all the pieces. One base is not plumb, but it is solidly in the ground.

Plot 102 owner name is Margaret Fleming.  She purchased the plot in 1862, the year her husband died.  There are several tombstones in this plot, including one that is illegible.

  1. James Thomas Fleming was the son of Edward Fleming and Rebecca Golden.  He was born in Shelburne, Nova Scotia in 1822.  He died in Gloucester on September 28, 1862.
  2. Margaret Anne King Aiken Fleming was the wife of James.  She was born to Isaac and Martha King in Duxbury, Massachusetts on June 6, 1819. She first married Captain John David Aiken on January 3, 1839 in Shelburne. He was lost at sea in the Bay of Fundy in 1842.  (Her son by Captain Aiken was John who was also lost at sea when the schooner “Grace L. Fears” went down in 1897.). Margaret married James Fleming after the death of her first husband.  She died in Gloucester on June 29, 1890.
  3. Willard Aiken was the son of John Pierce Aiken and Margaret Crosby Perry (1844-1916, buried on Oak Grove).  He was the grandson of Margaret.  He was born in Gloucester in 1862 and died there on September 19, 1866.  Other than a death date in the death index, I couldn’t find any records of his short life.   We only know of him because of his little tombstone.
  4. Lendall Aiken was the son John and Margaret Aiken.  Margaret Fleming was his grandmother.  He was born in Gloucester on November 30, 1868 and died of lung fever on December 29, 1870.
  5. Lillian M. Aiken was the daughter of John and Margaret and the granddaughter of Margaret Fleming. She was born in December of 1872 and died in Gloucester on August 19, 1873.  I couldn’t find any records of her little life.  Her little tombstone is just like her brothers.
  6. John Francis Aiken was the son of John and Margaret and the grandson of Margaret Fleming.  He was born in Gloucester on June 24, 1874 and died of cholera infantum on August 5, 1874.
John P. Aiken was the father of all four children.
After being set correctly. Next will be a good cleaning.

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  1. Sarah Langdon says:

    Hello, You have done a tremendous amount of work and it is much appreciated!

    Margaret Anne (King) Aiken Fleming was my ggg grandmother. Her son, John Pierce Aiken was my great great grandfather and these stones belong to some of his children. He and his wife had 10 children that I am aware of including these who did not survive to adulthood.

    Regarding Margaret, I can find no birth record for her in Duxbury. Do you happen to have a source for that? I thought she had been born in Nova Scotia. She did marry David Aiken, who was lost at sea. She had two sons, John (my gg grandfather), who married Margaret Crosby Perry and David, who married Rebecca Swaine Perry a second cousin of Margaret. David and Rebecca had a daughter Geneva, who died of diphtheria in 1875 at age 5. There is no indication as to where she is buried. She appears to have been their only child. Could the unmarked stone be hers? David and Rebecca eventually moved to California.

    Willard Orlando Aiken was born 24 Oct 1865 (not 1862) in Gloucester. His given name is not provided in the vital records, but there is a record of the birth of a son of John and Margaret. He also is listed as age 1 with his given name on the ship the Mary Alice that arrived in Boston on 3 Sep 1866. He died of cholera infantum just weeks later.

    Lendall Stewart Aiken died on 29 Dec 1870. His age at death is listed as 2 months and 20 days, so his birth would be about 9 Oct 1870.

    (Ellen) Lillian May Aiken was born 10 Nov 1871 in Northeast Harbour, Shelburne County Nova Scotia (record found at Nova Scotia Archives site, lists both parents). Other than her gravestone, I have not been able to find a record of her death in either Nova Scotia or Gloucester.

    Thank you so much for taking care of these stones! I hope to be able to visit at some point.

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