Plot 58 08/30/20

The Hadleys have a pretty complete collection of monuments in their plot.  We have been working on them for the last three Sundays.  The Hadleys come from a prominent Guysborough, Nova Scotia family.  Joseph and his wife Annabelle are up and standing side by side.  William, their son still needs to be put in his base, but he is ready to go.  We found a tiny dirty little stone that we thought was a granite corner marker.  I was looking at it and decided it had writing on it. Little Goldie Adams has been excavated and scrubbed.  The D2 will need to do its magic, but she will be pretty soon enough.  George Adams is level and all parts of his monument are put together with setting compound.  His daughter Mabel steals the show with one of prettiest monuments in the cemetery.  She was quite heavy (not you, Mabel), but we have her level and erect.  

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