Veterans Interred in Clark’s Cemetery

This information is extracted from the W.P.A. Project No. 665-14-3-379.  While I can find this project number in the national archives this information is not included there.  These details are in a folder at the Gloucester Public Works Department. M. Kathleen Clark has done extensive research on all of the military members buried in Clark’s Cemetery.                        

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Allen George D.17Union Army / Civil
Baker, Richard D.20Union Army / Civil
Blatchford, James 67Union Army / CivilKilled in Action
Brook, Cornelius86Union Army / Civil
Brown, Charles H.55Union Army / Civil
Clark, George H.14Union Army / Civil
Clark, James91Union Army / CivilJames Clark Plot 91
Clark, John W.20Union Army / Civil
Clark, Walter H.91US Army / Spanish American
Collins, Robert 28Union Army / Civil
Conder, Edwin E. 7Union Army / CivilMisspelled is as Condor
Corliss, Hezekiak Jr.101Union Army / Civil
Corning, Benjamin64Union Army / Civil
Erickson, John85US Navy / Spanish American
Firth, James B.Union Army / CivilLost at Sea no marked
Grant, Alexander106Union Army / Civil
Green, Joseph51Union Navy / Civil
Hicks, James74Union Army / Civil
Hodgkins, EdwardUnion Army / CivilBuried in Wesleyan Cemetery
Lewis, George W.2Union Army / Civil
Lufkin, David69Union Army / Civil
McIntosh, James H.94Union Army / Civil
Perkins, Richard H.
27Union Army / CivilNon-Military Headstone
Powers, Richard J.97Union Army / Civil
Raymond, Thomas25Union Army / Civil
Rowe, Edward A.14Union Army / Civil
Stevens, Josiah W.
66Union Army / CivilNon-Military Headstone
Welsh, George A.13Union Army / Civil
Wilson James6Union Army / CivilMoved to Oak Grove Cemetery Sec 11 #82 there is a headstone in Clark's
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